If you’ve landed here, welcome! I am thrilled you found me.

My name Is Shannon Callery

I am a Nutritional Therapist, Functional Blood Chemistry Specialist, public health graduate, and current student of the divine (aka figuring out my spiritual gifts).

I am a root-cause intuitive practicioner that guides clients on their healing journey when they can’t seem to get anywhere.

I currently work with Trifecta Collective as their head practitioner serving 1:1 clients.

I have always had a passion for food, health, and creating a safe space to help others learn and connect with their body. I decided to become an NTP when I was unable to get help with my own health struggles. I’ve dealt with digestive issues, missed periods, constipation, depression and anxiety and so much more.

I was constantly given different medications and diets to try with minimal guidance, which eventually led to an eating disorder (ED) and an extreme fear of food. I had so much testing done, and no one was able to piece my symptoms and testing together correctly, which left me feeling unheard, at a dead end, and more stressed.

Elimination diets helped for a certain amount of time to manage my digestive issues, but ultimately the more I did this, the fear and stress around food grew making my digestive issues worse. No one was able to help me figure out why I felt so horrible all the time, so I chose to dive in and figure it out myself.

After I felt healed from my ED, I was able to focus on my digestive health and stress managment in a new way; a way that involved joy and satisfaction around food and my body!

Yes, that is me eating a tomato from the garden with my grandma :)

My training as an NTP and FBCS taught me how to rebalance my body and support my digestive system by feeding myself nourishing foods, balancing my foundational health, and managing stress. I gained a new perspective on health, and I want to share it with you!

I can’t wait to get to know you more! If you are interested in working together please reach out here to schedule a consult. If you want to see some of our content and follow along, click below!

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A few of my favorite things..

My Fiancé Rob (and the food he is eating)